Why did I get an email about my Canary alert?

As part of our ongoing process to make sure customers get the full benefit of Canary, we occasionally reach out when we notice unusual activity heading up to your Console. So from time to time you will receive an email (like the one that got you here!) from us saying that we've noticed an alert/anomaly that you might want to check out. (You can totally opt-out from receiving these emails and we will never bother you again - but almost all our customers prefer to get them).

Who can access my data?

On the back-end, selected Thinkst staff need to jump through several hoops and jump-points before gaining access to your Console. At every jump, they are required to MFA, and access is both logged and generates an alert. This means that such access can't happen under the radar.

Can this access be removed?

Yes, some customers request that no Thinkst staff access their Console. These customers have the back-end authentication/MFA link broken. This means that Thinkst staff will not be able to authenticate to the customer Console at all. If you wish to have this access removed, just let us know (drop us an email at support@canary.tools) and we will action it immediately.