Description: Assigning a static IP address to your Canary using bluetooth (config mode - blue LED)

Follow the steps below to assign a static IP:

Step 1:

Power on your Canary and hold down the button (LED) on top of the device until the status LED lights up. After a short while, the LED will go blue, at which point the Canary is in config mode.


Step 2:

Connect to your Canary over bluetooth and In your browser surf to

Step 3:

You will then be able to uncheck the DHCP box and assign a static IP address.

Step 4:

Your re-configured Canary now needs to update its settings with the console. Open another browser tab to your console and login.

Once logged in to your console, return to the Canary configuration tab and click "Save".

Step 5:

The Canary will then link to your console and ask for confirmation to update settings. Click on "Update Settings".

Step 6:

Your Canary will then locate your console that was Opened in another browser tab and update the Canary settings.

Step 7:

Your Canary will then reboot and the LED Status will go orange shortly after powering on, briefly flash to red and then switch to green.

If the LED status goes orange and then stays red, there has possibly been a misconfiguration, you can simply put the Canary into the bluetooth config mode (blue LED) and reconfigure it as per the above steps.