Description: After a hardware upgrade or replacement, you’ll have received your new birds already registered to your console. The final step in getting them online is to complete the migration. Read this page to find out how.

You have just received your replacement Canary and wondering how to complete the swap out process.

We have gone ahead and pre-enrolled your new Canary as per the old Canary on your console. Simply power on your new Canary in place of the old Canary and wait for it to come online. Once online, login to your console and wait for the migration tool to pop up.

The migration tool allows for you to confirm that the new Canary will be taking the place of the old Canary. Once confirmed simply click on "Complete Migration".

Once you have clicked "Complete Migration" the old Canary will be hidden and your new Canary will now be online and working. (All the old Canary's incidents are still displayed (until you delete them)).

Now that the migration has been completed and you have the old Canary in hand you can simply let us know and we will arrange for a return shipping label to be created and the collection of the old Canary.