These instructions show how to upload the Virtual Canary OVA to ESXi using the web interface.

For full instructions on setting up your Virtual Canary, start here.

Step 1: Login to your ESXi

Step 2: Click "Create / Register VM"

Step 3: Select "Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file", and click "Next"

Step 4: Name your virtual machine, select the file and click "Next"

Step 5: Select the datastore you wish to use, and click "Next"

Step 6: Select the virtual network for the bird, and click "Next"

Step 7: Click "Finish" to configure the new virtual machine, and upload the files

The upload process will take a few moments, you can monitor the progress in the "Recent tasks" pane.

After the upload is finished, the virtual machine will start. After it finishes booting, your Canary is running.

Step 8: Complete the commissioning process

You're now ready to finish the commissioning of your new bird. Continue with Step 6 of the Virtual Canary setup.