Canaries (now that they are deployed all over the planet) have a great view of whether specific alerts are actually useful. Despite our initial intuition, they have been unanimous about the SNMP service: it offers little value in detecting breaches (and crowds out real alerts).

Unlike the star services (like Windows File Share) SNMP failed to live up to the promise we thought it had at the beginning. We pride ourselves in our signal to noise ratio (above almost anything else) so we'll begin deprecating and disabling the Canary SNMP service for all customers from the 24 September 2018. For those rare quiet networks where it's useful, let us know, and we'll keep it enabled.

What will the deprecation mean?

By default, SNMP will no longer be available as a configurable service for the Canaries and personalities that previously used it will no longer enable it.

What about existing Canaries with SNMP enabled?

Existing Canaries currently running SNMP will have it disabled and no more SNMP alerts will be triggered.

When will this happen?

We'll begin deprecating SNMP from the 24th September 2018.

What do I need to remove SNMP from my Canaries?

Nothing at all! We'll take care of updating the Canary configurations and disabling the ability to configure SNMP on the Console.

How do I keep SNMP?

On rare quiet networks where SNMP could be a useful and you'd prefer to keep SNMP around, contact us at the question mark to the right (or on and we'll keep SNMP enabled on your Console.