Atlassian has entered into a strategic partnership with Slack and decided to no longer offer their own real-time communications products. This means that HipChat will be discontinued.

Atlassian are providing a migration path to Slack for all their customers and existing groups will be able to continue to use HipChat until 15 February 2019. Head on over to the announcement blog post by Atlassian, for more details on this new partnership.

From our side we have decided to also take the steps to remove HipChat integration from consoles to help our customers with a smooth and timely transition. For consoles with working HipChat integrations, we will continue to support the configuration option and functionality, but by default this configuration will no longer be available.

Good News: We already support Slack integration and can help you re-establish your webhooks once you have successfully migrated across!

What will the deprecation mean?

By default, HipChat integration will no longer be available as a configurable webhook on consoles.

What about existing consoles with HipChat integrations?

Current consoles with working HipChat integrations will keep their HipChat integrations and configuration capability until they are removed by console owners.

When will this happen?

We'll be deprecating HipChat Integration from the 18th September 2018.

How do I keep HipChat integration?

In cases where you still want to keep HipChat alive for a while and you'd prefer to keep HipChat integration around, contact us at the question mark to the right (or on and we'll keep HipChat integration enabled on your Console.