Description: Canarytokens are integrated into your Canary console, and are bundled into your Canary subscription. Use the console to create your token (which could look like an URL or a hostname, depending on your selection.)

Follow the steps below to create your first Canarytoken.

Step 1: Login to your console.

Step 2: Click "New Canarytoken".

Step 3: Select the Canarytoken you wish to create.

Step 4: Add a memo to remember where you used the token.

Over time, if you are using tokens correctly, you will deploy thousands of them all over the place. Make sure that your Reminder is a descriptive, and will be self describing. Nothing sucks more than having a token fire an alert that reads “test" - and not knowing where you placed it.

Step 5: Copy your token.

Step 6: Place the generated "token" somewhere special.

If an attacker ever trips on the token somehow, we will let you know that its happened.