Description: When first deploying an EC2 Cloud Canary, you need to accept the terms of the image on Amazon's marketplace and subscribe to the image.

There are no extra charges associated with the image, apart from the regular EC2 usage costs.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Your EC2 Cloud Canary launch failed

After following the instructions on the EC2 Cloud Canary setup page you see this error on the EC2 console:

Step 2: Open a new page to accept the AMI terms

In a new browser tab, browse to

Step 3: Click on the "Manual Launch" tab

Browse to your Console, enter your credentials, and click "Setup".

Step 4: Review and accept terms

Review the terms and accept them by clicking on "Accept Software Terms". Note that EC2 usage costs can differ depending on region so please ensure you've checked the costs for your region.

You will see a success message:

Step 5: Return to the Failed launch tab and click "Retry"

Close the Accept Terms tab, and return to the EC2 failed launch message. Click "Retry".

Step 6: The launch continues and succeeds.

You can now return to Step 6 on configuring the EC2 Cloud Canary.