This page describes how to factory reset a Virtual Canary.

Step 1: Locate your Virtual Canary password

In order to login to your Virtual Canary configuration you will need the password associated with the template. You can see this password by logging in to your console, going to 'Setup' and then navigating to 'Virtual Canary'.

Each version of Virtual Canary has it's own password. If your console has multiple versions, simply use the password that relates to the template version you are trying to reset.

Step 2: Ensure your Virtual Canary is booted

If it's not yet powered on, start your Virtual Canary and wait for it to finish booting.

Step 3: Login to your Virtual Canary

Using the username 'canary', and the password obtained from your console, login to your Canary.

Step 4: Factory reset the bird

Navigate to 'Factory Reset'.

Confirm the dialog asking if you are sure you want to factory reset.

Step 5: Wait for the bird to reboot

Once the image reboots, it will now register as a new Canary, follow the steps in How do I setup a Virtual Canary and you can configure it as you wish.