Enabling Cloud Canary support on your Canary Console requires just two bits of information before we flip the switch:

  • Your AWS account number(s)
  • The regions you want to run the instances in

Here's how to figure your account number, if you've never had to track it down.

Step 1: Sign in to AWS, and click to your account details

Step 2: Copy the 12-digit account ID

Alternatively, if you make use of organizations, you can copy the account ID from the subaccount you wish to use:

You can enable Cloud Canaries on multiple AWS accounts, simply send us the list of all you accounts you want to enable with Cloud Canaries.

Step 3: Decide on which regions you want to run Cloud Canaries in

Make a list of the regions you want to enable for Cloud Canary support. The currently supported list is available here. Please use the region identifier (i.e. us-east-1, ap-south-1, etc).

Step 4: Send us the info

Use the support widget to open a ticket request Cloud Canaries on your Console, and include the AWS account IDs and regions collected above. You can open a new ticket by clicking on this button in the knowledge base:

Step 5: We'll configure your Console and ping you when done.