To factory reset your Canary you will need to take the Canary back into Config mode (Blue LED) and then connect to it over bluetooth. Once connected you will then be able to factory reset the Canary and set the Canary up as new.

Step 1:

To re-enter config mode, disconnect the power supply and then reconnect it. While the device is booting hold down the button (LED) on top of the device until the status LED lights up. After a short while, the LED will go blue, at which point the Canary will be in config mode. You will now be able to connect to the Canary over bluetooth and surf to


Step 2:

Once you have connected to your Canary through the config interface, click on the "Gear" located on the right hand side of the Configuration menu.

Step 3:

Select "Factory Reset" from the drop down list that appears.

Step 4:

You will be prompted to confirm you are wanting to factory reset your Canary. Click on "Reset"

Step 5:

The factory reset process will then begin.

Step 6:

Once the factory reset process has completed, the Canary will reboot and allow you to start re-configuring the Canary.