Description: Upload your own files and folders the Canary's Windows File Share from your Canary console. This is present from version 2.2.

Ensure that your Canary has the Windows File Share service enabled, either via Bluetooth or on Console's remote management page.

Step 1:

Login to your Console.

Step 2:

Find your Canary you want to upload files to, and click on its panel.

Step 3:

Click on “Configuration” and then “Upload custom File Share".

Step 4:

An informational panel is shown. Click "Begin".

Step 5:

After a few seconds, a temporary Windows File Share is enabled on your Canary.

Step 6:

You are shown details to connect to your Canary. Switch to the Windows Explorer (or Finder on OS X), and map a network drive using the IP, username and password shown.

With the network drive mapped, use the drive to add, delete, and edit both files and folders. Once you've completed your changes, switch back to your browser and Canary console, and click "Done".

Step 7:

Click "Done" so your Canary can disable the writeable file share.

Please note: The writeable file share is removed when you click "Done", or 20 minutes after it was added. If after 20 mins, you have still not clicked "Done", the Canary will disable the writeable file share and re-instate the configured file share with the previous contents.

Step 8:

Click "Finish" to dismiss the modal. Your Canary will apply the new settings and reboot. Once your Canary comes back online, all your custom files and folders will be waiting for you in the configured file share.