If one of our pre-existing device personalities don't serve your needs fully, you can create and save your own personalities that will let you easily configure your birds to match a specific configuration.

This can be useful for sharing base network settings (Note: this does not include the IP Address as each device will need a separate IP), specific service configuration or even file structures for your Windows fileshares.

In order to create your custom personalities, follow the steps to remotely configure your device using the remote configuration editor up until the last step (before clicking deploy).

At the last step, instead of simply clicking "Deploy new configuration" you can now tick the "Save as custom personality" box:

Tick the box and give your personality an easily identifiable name:

Click "Deploy new configuration" to complete the process. This will deploy the new configuration to the bird, as well as save your new personality for future use.

When configuring your birds, and you want to reuse a custom personality, simply open the remote editor, click on the "Device Personality" dropdown, scroll to the bottom and select your custom personality:

Note: The custom personality will not include the following settings (which you'll need to configure yourself):

  • Device Name
  • Location
  • IP Address
  • Mac Suffix
  • The below Windows Fileshare options (if enabled):
    • Mode
    • Advanced config (including all domain related values)