Description: Adding files to the Windows file share on the Canary over Bluetooth.

Step 1 :

Connect to your Canary over Bluetooth.

A quick note : If the Canary is already in production mode (Green LED) please follow the how to guide to get the Canary back into config mode (Blue LED)

Step 2:

Once connected over Bluetooth. Scroll down to the Windows File Share and "Right click" on the file structure.

Step 3:

Navigate to "New" and select "Upload a custom file".

Step 4:

A new pop up will appear and you will then need to select "Choose Files" and navigate to the file you require to upload.

Step 5:

The files begin to upload.

Step 6:

Once the files have been uploaded they will appear under the share.

Step 7:

Once the configuration has been complete, you will then need to click "Save".

Please ensure you are logged into your console in another tab. This will allow the Canary to register automatically.

Step 8.

Your Canary will now register with your Canary console.

Step 9.

Please note : If your Canary has previously been registered you may skip this step.

Approve the Canary registration

In your hosted console, you'll get a popup notification with the details of your newly configured Canary. Carefully verify the details and approve the registration.

Step 10.

Your Canary will then reboot and connect to your Canary console with your newly setup Windows File Share