LastPass can cause issues with saving settings

If you are seeing that your fields seem to not be correctly showing changes after a successful save, there is a chance that LastPass is the culprit.

The main issue appears to be that LastPass occasionally saves all the fields it sees in a form, causing it to automatically fill them in whenever it hits the page.

An example of this is:

We can see that along with the username and password fields (which are to be expected), there are the two extra fields for email and summary notification addresses.

What this means is that every time you go to your settings page, those two fields will automatically be filled with your saved details (in this case ""). So even if you change the fields to be, for example, "," and save, you'll still see "" when the page reloads (but behind the scenes, the new list will be saved).

How to disable AutoFill on specific sites

You can also tell LastPass to not AutoFill on specific sites. To do that:

  • Visit your LastPass Vault
  • Find your site entry (it'll be the entry)
  • Right click on the entry to see a menu and click Edit
  • Click on Advanced Options
  • Tick "Disable Autofill"

Once done, it should look similar to: